Melanie Long, as the unrepentant sex-bomb, emerges impeccably balanced. -Financial Times

As Ava, Melanie Long had both the brassy timbre for her bluegrass lament about the rigors of Hollywood and a chanteuse purr, as well as a fetching physique du role. -Classical Voice North America

Mezzo-soprano Melanie Long, at home in a role many singers would shun...combined a pleasantly brassy voice with a bit of apt insouciance. -Musical America

...Melanie Long made a sultry Ava, contending with some of the score's most difficult music and doing it smoothly. She was also totally unself-conscious as she sang in two scenes while posing nude for Hopper and Jo. -Broadway World

He is not subtle...the vain, posturing, quasi-Germanic art dealer Pelegrino (played to comic perfection by Melanie Long).  - OPERA NEWS 


...the standout was soprano Melanie Long in several cameos, easily switch-hitting from high coloratura to Broadway belt. - New York Post 


Melanie Long deserves extra kudos for her very funny and very different characterizations of the Farm Hand, Art Critic, and Art Dealer. -  

The supporting cast should not go unmentioned; incredibly talented, at times they almost steal the attention away from Carmen and Don José's romance, particularly Melanie Long, whose mezzo-soprano voice goes beyond expectation and already sky-high standards.  -Broadway Baby